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I was of the opinion that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman who's mutual agreement were to stay together through thick and thin and fight whatsoever ever obstacles or evil forces that tend to penetrate their sacred bond, but is quite ironical how many spouses abuse this bond under the guise of some African culture and tradition which elevates and allow the male folks to do as they wish thereby treating their spouses as slaves and not companion as the bible made us to understand.

I was swept by emotion when having a conversation with a friend,she said and I quote "when I was about to embark on a journey of marriage I build on so many castles in the air,I thought that the love that existed between I and my spouse was unshakable,untouchable and irrevocable but I was wrong,my first year in marriage was splendid and superb but as time goes on I began to experience the bitter side of my union. 

my husband belongs to this barbaric school of thought that believes that women should not be allowed so many chances as that will make them to misbehave and takes unnecessary liberty that shouldn't be given to them he is of the believe that a women should be completely subjected to their husbands without querying any of their actions or decisions mostly when it get to do with his relationship with female who are constantly in contacts with him and not just business because I sure understands a business call, whenever I tried to confront him he threatened me with the saying that men can marry as many as they pleases and keep as many concubine as they wish to he concluded that if am tired of everything I should pack out of his house,there is nothing as painful as being flogged and at the same time not allowed to cry the most painful aspect is when I saw his pictures with other ladies or some erotic text messages he threatens even the more with his constant threats and to think that whatever state he went to he makes sure he has one or two mistresses oh!!! what a union where freedom of speech is totally.


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