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The feeling of loving someone is so sensitive and should be cherished because it can easily swing away.

 This is the reason why a friend yesterday can be an enemy tomorrow. Lovers can become sworn enemies. Many are times you must have found yourself feeling loved or loving someone, but with time or an event happened and you discover the love is fast fadingfading. 

Human feelings is uncertain and it can change at any moment, reasons why we shouldn't always allow our feelings determine all our actions and decisions. 



Infatuation is an intense but, short-lived passion or feelings someone or admiration for something.This is a state of being carried away by an unreasoned feelings for another person in which one has developed platonic feelings or strong romantic for. This type of feeling is common with the teenagers and upcoming lovers. It is sometimes sensual and tend to fade away with time. Time is the ultimate distinguishing factor between true love and infatuation. True love is real and stands the test of time, whereas, infatuation doesn't stand the test of time. psychologist says for one to say he/she in love, the feeling must have lasted more than 4 months. If it doesn't fades, then he/she is in love. 

2. TIME 

Time is also an important part of a relationship,this will distinguish between true love and infatuation. Time and chance will tell if the love will flourish or fade away. 


Everyone deserves and desires to be loved, pamper and cared for. If one person is showing love, and care in a relationship without reciprocating same for the other person, with time the person will get weary, tired and the love and care will fade away. No matter how difficult things may be for you, learn to reciprocate every kind gesture your partner shows to you. This will help keep the light of love both partners are sharing grow/burning. 


Cheating is one of the bad ingredient that destory many relationships and love lives go sour. It is easy to forgive cheating than to forget. This is worst when it involves a woman. Men rarely forgive and forget cheating because they have weak ego which easily get bruise. Only few people can reignite a love life after discovering the other partner cheats. Even when reignited, the love life rarely returns to normal. Cheating is a key reason why people usually lost feelings for someone they were madly in love with before. It is difficult to keep showing love to someone you know cheats on you, it better to backout of a relationship then cheating. 

No person can stand a disrespectful partner. Respect is what makes love to glow/grow. It serves as a vehicle to convey your love. You can't claim or pretend to love someone and still disrespect them, disdain or look down on them. Many relationship/love are dead and sour because there is no respect and dignity. No matter how fervent your love maybe for your partner, if you're continually disrespected, the love will grow cold. Everyone deserves to be respected, if you know you can't respect, please don't start a relationship, cause you will soon rush out of it. No man or woman want to stay/live with a disrespectful partner. 


 When a relationship or love is built on lies and pretense, the love tends to depreciate when the partner start discovering the lies or the pretense in his partner. Lies and pretense is a big problem in any relationship. One need to be real in dealing with the person they love. No need for lies and pretense, if your partner loves you, he/she will stay no matter how bad what you're trying to lie/pretend about maybe. Living a fake life is like a pin that usually puncture a love balloon. Don't allow lies and pretense puncture the love your partner has for you.lies and pretense destroy relationship, it don't build it.Be wise and careful. 


Comparison is a stealer of joy, especially when you compare two people. Many good relationship has gone bad, just because the partners were fond of comparing each other. You hear things like, my partner is not like or as good as my ex, if your ex is that good, why did you breakup? This is one of the reasons why people need to avoid unnecessary relationship, because having too many ex will now give you a wide range of comparison when you finally finds the right person. Comparison will result to nagging, which will eventually destory the love you both are sharing/building together. 


Pride and arrogance are also an element that depreciate love. Even in love, it is difficult to tolerate and accommodate a proud and arrogant partner. A proud person will always remind you of any things dey do for you always, while an arrogant person will always want to feel superior and make you look inferior. You hear things like 'I made you who you are', without me you're nothing. Pride and arrogance usually deflate love and if it continue unchecked, it totally deflate the love until it is lost. Pride is a cancer and cankerworm to any thriving relationship, so avoid it.


Betrayal of trust or confidence usually deal a big blow to a relationship/love. The rub with betrayal is that; you have to put in extra effort to gain the trust and confidence of the person, once you lost the ones vested in you. It is difficult to keep loving a betrayal. This is one of the reason why you need to be loyal/good to a person that loves you, when you break the trust, it is difficult to rebuild/regain. 


Communication is the most important and soul of every relationship/union. Without communication there is no relationship and love. Once their is no effective communication, love is lost. Love requires frequent communication and reassurance. That the reason why love dies when there is a breach in communication. it an important tool in every relationship.


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