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Niger Republique Presidential Hopeful visit President Muhammadu Buhari, Top Government officials.

• Bazoum Promises to help Nigeria in fight against terrorist

• Let's Support Bazoum, Hajia Nusaiba appeals to Nigeriens

By Bello Bashir Dollars 

The Nigerien Presidential candidate in the Presidential Rerun Election , visited President Buhari to solicit for his support and endorsement in the forthcoming election in his country. 

Alhaji Mohamed Bazoum who is campaigning under the platform of PNDS Tarayya Party last week flew into Daura to confer with President Buhari.

Among issues discussed were the influx of criminal elements from Niger to Nigeria and vice versa 

They also discussed the issue of insecurity bedeviling Nigeria with Bazoum to support President Buhari's fight against insecurity if he is elected as President of Niger Republique.

The Presidential hopeful also visited the Governor of Kano, Abdullahi Ganduje, the Governor of Jigawa Muhammad Badaru and the Emir of Kano and held meaninful discussions with them before flying back to Niamey , the capital of Niger.

According to the Chairperson, BAZOUM supporter's campaign in Nigeria 2021, Bazoum assured President Buhari that if he wins the 2021 rerun  in Niger Republique, he would ensue all the security apparatuses of Niger Republique will fully cooperate with its Nigerian counterparts to fight the insecurity challenges bedeviling Nigeria .

  According to Hajia Nusaiba Zubairu, Alhaji Bazoum had to first visit Nigeria since the country is considered a big brother and friendly but influential neighbor to Niger Republique.

Nusaiba said,

"Nigeria is the senior brother of Niger Republique and so, Bazoum came to see the President so that we can have peaceful elections in our country .

"Apart from that, Alhaji Bazoum had assured them that if he becomes the President, Niger would fully deploy all its assets to curb the influx of criminal elements into Nigeria from Niger .

" And it also help the Nigerian Government in its fight against terrorism ", she added.

Hajia Nusaiba who is a prominent figure among Nigeriens  living in Nigeria,called on the citizens of Niger Republique to rally round the candidacy of Mohamed Bazoum to ensue that he wins the 2021 Presidential election.


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