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Nigeria Dr's distribution according to Geopolitical zones.

Yesterday Channels Television, released this distribution of doctors in Nigeria, from a data provided by Nigerian Medical Association;
South West: 15,018
North West: 4,310
South East: 5,452
North East: 1,638
South South: 8,681
North Central 6,861

Going by this data, South West region almost has more doctors than the entire 19 northern states. In terms of access to doctors, in the South West there is one doctor for every 3,100 people, while in the North West; which produced more presidents than any region; there is one doctor to every 12,500 people. 

The north always brags with glee about controlling power at the centre; having big men spread all over ‘juicy’ government posts. This misguided notion that; ‘it is our people that are in charge’ enriches only a few people and their immediate families and friends. But of what use is power if it will not make life better for the majority of the people? 

Meanwhile, when you look around, all you can see are children who could not go to school, widows, orphans, beggars in rags, wielding plastic begging bowls, millions of families that cannot feed, IDP camps full of helpless depressed and distressed people. 

All over the north there are no good and well equipped hospitals, no sufficient good schools, no serious investment in education for all, no commitment to talent development, no infrastructure, industries in Kano and Kaduna have all closed down many years ago, no plan to empower women, no opportunities for youths willing to work. Above all, there is no peace.
For those who wish to appreciate the young man for changing the nomenclature of medicine in Nigeria.
Dr. Chris Osa Isokpunwu (STA/HMH)

Office of the Honourable Minister, 1st Floor, Phase III, Federal Secretariat, Abuja.



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