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ON THE ASSERTION THAT "NO GOVERNMENT HAS DONE WHAT I DID IN 6 YEARS", --- PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI IS CORRECT. First of all, I wish to say Happy Independent day Nigeria! I listened to the Independent Day National Broadcast of President Buhari on 1st October, 2021 and to my mind, he is very right to say that no Nigeria President has done what he did in 6 years since Nigeria Independence in 1960. The President is right on the following grounds: 1. No President has borrowed like President Buhari borrowed money in the last 6 years since 1960. 2. No Nigerian President has made Medical tourism part of his routine despite promising to end same during campaign while allowing Doctors in Nigeria Hospitals to be on strike and thereby abandoning Nigeria Citizens on their health issues since 1960. 3. No Nigerian President has allowed Terrorists fester and operate freely in any Nigerian territory since 1960 like we have it in the last 6 years to the extent that they are now sub divided into Terrorists, Kidnappers, Killer Herdsmen and Bandits. 4. No Nigerian President has looked away and allow Governors and religions leaders to be having selfie with bandits and refused to bring them to their knees since 1960. 5. No Nigerian President has given order that Cow routes be traced and recovered even if sky scraper is built on the route at the expense of human being since 1960. 6. No Nigerian President has taking favouritism and Nepotism to the level it is in Nigeria as at today since 1960 with 90% of Security heads in one section of a country to the detriment of others like we have it in the last 6 years. 7. No Nigerian President has left the real security problems which is terrorists, Killer herdsmen and bandits with weapon of mass destruction unattended to but choose to be pursuing soft targets and Civilian agitators who are not carrying gun in pursuit of their agitation since 1960. 7. Never in the history of Nigeria since 1960 has Naira had a free fall against the dollar, Euro and Pound Sterling and we only turn to blame an online platform called Aboki FX for the free fall instead of CBN Governor like we have it under our President, so, our President is correct. 8. Never in the history of Nigeria since 1960 have we had the Citizens come out to openly protest against the Nigerian Police to show their resentment and displeasure about their operation in what is now known as #Endsars. 10. No Nigerian President has freed criminals, had dinner with them and recruit them into the security forces, send some of them abroad and integrate them into all sectors with a statement by one of his top officials that a freed Boko Haram can become Nigerian President in future while the victims and their families are left unattended to in the history of Nigeria since 1960. 11. No President of Nigeria since 1960 has allowed the Nation to go into abyss, extreme poverty and the poorest Nation in the World on global poverty index like the way we have in the last 6 years. 12. Never in the History of Nigeria since 1960 has the Nation be this divided and mutual suspicion raised to this level which has resulted in agitation across the country to the extent that unknown gun men had taken over in South East of Nigeria with killings and destruction on a daily basis like we have it in the last 6 year. 13. Never in the history of Nigeria since 1960 have we had killings of this volume and magnitude like we did in the last 6 years to the extent that no day will pass in Nigeria of today without story of killings. 14. Since 1960, no Nigerian President had taken infrastructure to another country like our President is constructing roads and rail line into Niger Republic while many Nigerian cities are completely cut off and do not have motorable roads and railway. 15. Since 1960, this is the first time that the bandits will take their audacity to the highest level to the extent of attacking the safest Military Institution in Nigeria, kill and kidnap Military Officers. 16. Since 1960, kidnapping escapades has never reached this unacceptable level like we have it in the last 6 years in Nigeria to the extent that NYSC has given official recognition to payment of ransome in their book containing rules of engagement for Corps members in service of the Nation. 17. This is the first time in the history of Nigeria that the president will reveal the sponsors of Igboho and Kanu who are Civilian agitators while refusing to reveal the identity of sponsors of Boko Haram, Bandits and Killer Herdsmen which are the real problems that we face in Nigeria even though United Arab Emirates have assisted Nigeria is unravelling their activities. With the above and many more that I cannot remember, President Buhari is correct and right to say that no Nigerian President has done what he did in the last 6 years. But I have a feeling that the Speech Writers in the Villa have deliberately put that statement in the speech of the President for Nigerians to get more angry and vilify the President. I am of the opinion that the 5th columnist are part of the speech writersin the Villa. If I were President Buhari, I will sack all of them in the information and publicity desk in the Presidency. TOLU BABALEYE ESQ.


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