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Yesterday we discussed extensively on exponential thinking, hope you got value for your time? 
Exponential thinking does one single important thing to us, it multiplies our ideas and the "HOW" of it.

What gives those great and meticulous ideas is EXPONENTIAL EFFORT. We need an effort far stronger and bigger than our ideas to get them achieved and the effort is called exponential efforts.

While exponential thinking can be done alone through interaction with our inner minds for strategic thinking and planning.

The planning needs breath to move, walk and work, that breath is called exponential efforts.
We individually lacks the effort because it requires huge energy, in other words, it's completely impossible for you alone to achieve your exponential thoughts.
You will need people to help translate this idea into an ideal reality.
While exponential thinkers this of "HOW" at the conventional level, they should think of "WHO" at the executing level.

The right team help translate the poorest idea to a powerful realities.

Linear growth is possible personally, if you wish to multiply your growth, utmost be done with and through others.

Check this.
You x You=You.

You x Me=You &Me.

You & Me x others=Imagine the result.

That is an exponential growth formula..#I am thinking.

The right team is the engine of every idea.
The exponential thing is build on this adage.
If you want to go fast, go alone.
To go far, go with the right people..

✍️📚📚📚Enebi Moses Exponentially thinking

Good day. 


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