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Are you passionate about your growth and success? Then read this short post.
It's not my normal inspiration triggers post but a growth embedded questions for all likes minds.

1) What expertise is experiencing a growing demand in the global marketplace?

Some of it I think we can hunt for are:
i- I C T
ii- Artificial Intelligence (A.I)
iii- Software Development.
iv- Phone Repairs.
v- Vehicle Security.
vi - CCTV installation and repair.
vii- Book writing. The list is endless.

2 ) What can you study and learn at a deeper level than most people care to do?
It will enable you to solve problems uniquely and skillfully. 

Reading is one of those things people care to do and they do less of it. When done deeply, it paves way for other things. Yes, it helps you solve problems in the best possible manner.

Writing is another talent -harvesting skill.  a reader might not be a writer but a writer is definitely a reader. 
When done with actions, it produces results in and around you.

3) What can you read, study and learn that will challenge you and make you a sought-after person in the nearest future?

I think you are reading one of those things that will make you a brand and a brand maker in the future.

This post is not an inspiration but an experiment that will produce results. 

Remember I said, To discover your talent, You must first write down three skills you have passion for, things you do with ease and joy.

Then select one and build a career in it. Learn about it, do it all time and your time will not be wasted. 

Time without work, is a wasted time... Ijaja Theophilus. 

You gauge yourself, while you engage yourself.  You don't know what you can do, until you begin. 

Take one skill and master it. 


Good morning.


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