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One day, I  wondered how and why people doubt and question the evidence of death WHERE bullets rain like the first rain of the year? You can join me to wonder and ponder. One day,  men of the state forces organized to cause agony and pain to the ordinary citizens. Hope you remember the day? One day,  the flag of our dear nation got stained with the precious blood of innocent citizens.  One day, it was illustrated by the state actors that, people no longer have the right to their civil protest and the simple expression of their feelings, even when it's done legally and legitimately. These days, an inhuman, injustice and unholy treatment  state actors melt on the citizens are not to be questioned by anyone and it should continue without a voice against such voice. These days, the cry for justice and against injustice should not be questioned by citizens. These days, the voices of freedom fighters should not be amplified instead and their microphone should be offed by the batteries wh