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DAILY INSPIRATIONAL POST (DIP) BY ENEBI MOSES. 6-12-2021. FOCUS:THE POWER OF AMBITION. (The Fuel of Vision) Ambition drives people to great accomplishment. No one succeed without a healthy dose of ambition. Am ambitious individual create for themselves enough willpower and determination requires for their visions. They ask much of life and that's what they get often. Vision is the ability to plan the future through wisdom. While Ambition is the strong desire to do or achieve something. If we sum the two, it will produce: An ability to plan the future through wisdom with the strong desire to achieve it.  A man of vision without ambition is just a dreamer and ambition without a proper vision, always goes astray. When a vision comes through revelation, ambition comes effortlessly. At the point where vision is not clear, ambition comes to help channel our motivation towards the pole of success. A powerful vision, produces ambition internally. Ambition keeps a visionary to detail tasks