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DAILY INSPIRATIONAL POST (DIP) BY ENEBI MOSES. 17-12-21. FOCUS:YOU CAN KEEP HANGING OR  QUIET. The bat 🦇 that sticks and hangs on a tree, calculating the next line of action or prays that will fall victim to its hunger is not a fool, but the one that hangs without a target is more than a fool. It is not wrong when you keep hanging even while your current result seems not impressive. What is wrong is, whether you are calculating the next action or not? Don't hang in confusion and don't quiet in confusion. We can quiet and win if it is done on a calculated risk.  Sit back to ask why the journey or the hanging so far? Why the results ( Positive or Negative) Why the no results? Are you in any perceived impossible situation? Keep hanging, your persistence will soon delete the "I'm" and change all things to possible. We all thought of quitting for different reasons. Yours might be job, relationships, careers, or studies. Whatever you wish to quit, ask why the quitting.