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DAILY INSPIRATIONAL POST (DIP) BY ENEBI MOSES. 9-1-22. FOCUS: THREE INDISPENSABLE GROWTH/SUCCESS QUESTIONS EVERYONE MUST ANSWER. Are you passionate about your growth and success? Then read this short post. It's not my normal inspiration triggers post but a growth embedded questions for all likes minds. 1) What expertise is experiencing a growing demand in the global marketplace? Some of it I think we can hunt for are: i- I C T ii- Artificial Intelligence (A.I) iii- Software Development. iv- Phone Repairs. v- Vehicle Security. vi - CCTV installation and repair. vii- Book writing. The list is endless. 2 ) What can you study and learn at a deeper level than most people care to do? It will enable you to solve problems uniquely and skillfully.  Reading is one of those things people care to do and they do less of it. When done deeply, it paves way for other things. Yes, it helps you solve problems in the best possible manner. Writing is another talent -harvesting skill.  a reader might n


Tomorrow's post Enthusiasm: A catalyst for growth According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, enthusiasm is a STRONG excitement about something. Thesaurus define it as urgent desire or interest.  Enthusiasm is a spirit that inspires a man to achieve great results.  It is an abstract concept, it cannot be perceived directly with the naked eye but can be seen directly in the results they produced. Enthusiasm becomes a catalyst for positive growth or change when it is sincere.  To be enthusiastic, act enthusiastically. Allow yourself to fuel the energy and lightness of bean that develops when you embrace the higher vibrations of your spirit; a mentor once told me.  People respond to enthusiastic people.  When you are enthusiastic about what you are doing, you and other people around you feel that you can overcome great obstacle. It will will seem as if the entire universe is lining up to help you achieve whatever you have your heart set on achieving.  Enthusiasm is a vehicle for passion.


DAILY INSPIRATIONAL POST (DIP) BY ENEBI MOSES. FOCUS:THEY IS NO OVERDOSE OF KNOWLEDGE. The world of a blind man is bounded by the limit of his touch, that of  an ignorant man is bounded by the limit of his knowledge while that of a great man is by his vision.  Everyone of us here are students of life, because the universe has not stopped teaching us lessons. Some are beginner,  many are medium and others are experts. Knowledge is an unending treasure, the more we dig deep, the more will unfold to us. It can't be limited, it is a continuous process of learning from different happenings through education. Knowledge has no boundaries, so absorb as much of it as you can every day of your life for the rest of your remaining days. Hermann J Steinherr.  They are no limits to what we can learn. Whatever we wish to learn and we learn with all intentions, will not live us in regrets. They is nothing on the way that will stop us from growing except the limit we placed on what we can learn and


DAILY INSPIRATIONAL POST (DIP) BU ENEBI MOSES. 21-11-2021. FOCUS:YOUR ORIGINAL SELF. The entire world had been wheeling to this point on discoveries. From medicine to industrial, environmental to air, engineering to creativity, innovation had moved the world at a speed. Among all these discoveries, one most difficult is self-discovery. Many work in an office space where most often memos are sent out on photocopies while the original is reserved in the secretary's most secret files. Life is frustrating because we live on photocopies than our original selves. It is the quality of your original that determines the quality of your photocopy. Have you seen why self-identification and development are crucial to our life's production? Hope you know it does not stop at discovery? When gold is discovered in a location, the gold miner takes the next step of excavating the debris that had covered the gold over time.  Some debris covering our original selves today is to be exca


FOCUS:EXPONENTIAL EFFORT. Yesterday we discussed extensively on exponential thinking, hope you got value for your time?  Exponential thinking does one single important thing to us, it multiplies our ideas and the "HOW" of it. What gives those great and meticulous ideas is EXPONENTIAL EFFORT. We need an effort far stronger and bigger than our ideas to get them achieved and the effort is called exponential efforts. While exponential thinking can be done alone through interaction with our inner minds for strategic thinking and planning. The planning needs breath to move, walk and work, that breath is called exponential efforts. We individually lacks the effort because it requires huge energy, in other words, it's completely impossible for you alone to achieve your exponential thoughts. You will need people to help translate this idea into an ideal reality. While exponential thinkers this of "HOW" at the conventional level, they should think of "WHO