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June 12 Protest: Buhari has beaten Nigerians enough and Nigerians must cry in the language they understand – Rt. Comrade Usman Okai Austin

Democracy is the oil of the wheels of any civilize society. Democracy as a system of government is not perfect but regardless, it gives the citizens the avenue to either express their approval or vent their frustration with their government and its policies; and peaceful protest is one. The planned protest by some groups against the state of affairs in the country must be allowed to proceed seamlessly. It is the fundamental right of the people of any democratic country to protest against policies of government that they deem detrimental to their wellbeing – so far, the president Buhari led administration has put the Nigerian calender back by his divisive rhetoric and by his legendary mismanagement of our economy. In this vein, what the Buhari government should do is to make sure peaceful protesters enjoy the umbrella of State security while the protesters on their part must make sure the protest does not degenerate into anarchy. You can’t beat a child and expect the child n