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Some victories in life are very personal, you fight alone and win alone.  However, you may not have anything to prove your victory as you return from the "wrestling.  Some victories are not seen on your body or better said, you may return broken, battered and tattered and disjointed. God sets you up for victory when He declares you victorious in those lonely and difficult encounters. The way to share your victorious testimony is to say it, proclaim it to others. The difficulty you may have here is that the evidence on you is the contrast of what you proclaim. What do you have to do?   Don't try too hard to convince those who doubt your victory when you tell them your story. Indeed, they are the people you need at such times. Do you know why you need them?  It's simple but never easy, the only way to prove your victory is to live victoriously. Let them see you overcome what used to defeat you. Let them see you smile as you face the dreadful storms which sent you