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David and his Many Sins yet the Best Friend of God. ( Humility and Contrite Hearted Mind Pays) A must read .

A Man after Mine Own Heart. What was it that made David so in tune to the Heavenly Father? He committed adultery. He committed murder to hide the sin. He involved others in his sin. It was a humbling moment when the Lord’s servant Nathan revealed, “Thou art the man.”   So humbled was David that he named his next son Nathan to remind him of this moment of God’s mercy. It was through this son that the line of David continued to Mary, the mother of Jesus, the Savior of the world.   The book The Life of David explores experiences in David’s life and how the Lord of the Universe chose him to be king of Israel and recognized him as a man after his own heart. These experiences came with disciplines. As Christians we want to apply the same discipline in our lives.   Discipline is… controlled thinking, controlled emotions, controlled habits, controlled speech, controlled study, controlled activities, controlled fellowship, controlled prayer, controlled tempers, controlled judgements