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When it comes to giving,many married people are generous to everybody except their spouses​. There are seven things you should give your spouse daily. This are not weekly , monthly or annual giving. They are things you must give your spouse daily. Let's see them:.  1. GIVE YOUR SPOUSE A TOUCH:  One of the ways to bond with your spouse is to give him or her a touch. We have encouragement touch, affirmation touch, healing touch, apology touch, and we have sexual touch. Study your partners and know what touch to give at a particular time. If you want God to touch your marriage, touch your spouse. Don't let today go like that without touching your partner.  2. GIVE YOUR SPOUSE A SPACE:   As much as you need to bond with your spouse and be together for daily intimacy, communication, affection, planning, etc ,yet, you still need to give your spouse his /her space. There is time for couples  prayers, time for couples bonding. Also there is time for personal prayer, persona


1: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN: -It takes holyspirit only to make a beautiful woman to be in a marriage. -They are on high demand -Many of beautiful ladies are still single -They use their beauty as a capital for money making 2:. THE MOST EDUCATED WOMEN: -A woman having a degree, masters, phd to have to stay in a marriage, its the grace of God. -Their qualifications make them independent. -Visit offices in the companies, most high ranked women and rich are single or divorced. 3: WOMEN FROM RICH FAMILIES: -Women raised under rich families find it difficult to get married because they want same environment they grew up with it a marriage. -They want no one to advise them 4: THE MOST ANOINTED WOMEN OF GOD:  - most women with the calling of God have no husbands or divorced  -No time to do house works -No time to care for their husbands -Their husbands cant advise them because they only listen from the holyspirit. You will find a man with a phd goes to the village and marries a gra


1. Don't take off YOUR PANTIES because he called You Beautiful. Take Them off because He MARRIED YOU.  2. Don't Open Your LEGS because he said You will Make A GOOD MOTHER. Open them because he's Ready to be A GOOD FATHER AFTER Your Wedding.  3. Don't Take Him HOME because he Gave You A Ride or Bought You Ice CREAM and fried rice. Take him home because he treated you like a queen and he is Committed to be the Love of YOUR LIFE.  4. Don't PUSH Him away because He has No MONEY TODAY. Hold Him Close if He is A Man of Vision. To another Woman, He is HONEY and He's Got BRIGHTER Days ahead with A PROSPECTIVE BLOSSOMING FUTURE.  5. Don't Go Punishing Him because ANOTHER MAN Hurt You. All Men are not the Same. A Man who FEARS God doesn't Hurt People. If He Loves You, Give Him a Chance and He may be the best thing that ever Happened to you.  6.  Don't Stay up All Night Praying and Wondering Where to Find a Good Man." Work it out. Work on YOUR


Every relationship has what is going to make it succeed or crumble. Under the sun there never is a perfect relationship.  People may have failed or put it rightly, refused to accept that fact. Many people keep searching for that perfect choice, jumping from one partner to another.  When reality hits them hard, they become gloomier. Again they are disappointed!!. Everyone has many reasons to enter into a relationship with a man or a woman.  But some just do that because they feel like doing so. In a relationship, the partners are two different people from different backgrounds.  They have their interests, they like and they dislike  We also want our partners to reap some benefits.  So many people have hidden motives of their own to be hooked with a partner.  Some people are in a relationship because they know the other person can be of financial assistance to them.  Others to enter the relationship simply because of their sexual gratification. I fear for those individual cat


Benue :   The Tribe Where Men Offer Wives To Visitors In Appreciation For Their Visits. When I checked my NYSC posting and saw I had been posted to Benue states, I felt disappointed. I had hoped to go to the southeast particularly a village in the heart of Igboland and experience a glimpse of the world Chinua Achebe had described in his books. As I was grumbling in disappointment about how much I didn’t want to go to the middle belt, one of my friends patted me on the back saying I was going to be having the best time of my life in Benue. According to him, Benue people particularly Tiv men have a culture of giving their wives to guests for the night.I was shocked. I had neither heard of this custom nor believed it was possible for any man to offer his wife to a guest but my friends and some other persons insisted it was a tradition handed down over years of practice and I should look forward to such ‘gift’ as consolation for not getting the state I wanted. I had planned to


Libido refers to sexual desire, or the emotion and mental energy related to sex. Another term for it is “sex drive.” Your libido is influenced by: biological factors, such as testosterone and estrogen levels. 1. Sexual Desire Is A Gift From God. There is an attraction—a pull between men and women. Call it chemistry—sex appeal— physical and emotional attraction or whatever you want. But it is there. And it was put there by God, Himself. 2. Sexual Desire Started In The Garden of Eden. Why do you suppose God placed Adam and Eve there instead of Adam and Edward? Because God knew it was good for a man and a woman to dwell together. And He placed within them a basic instinct to desire and enjoy the company of the opposite sex. It is a desire to give. 3. God Gave Sex For A Divine Purpose. It benefits not only one man and one woman, but the entire human race. Some people seem to have the mistaken belief that this desire in and of itself is evil—that it comes from satan.


It used to be that i believe in love, i used to believe that love possessed the capability of penetrating a concrete walls,i used to view love as an entity engulfed with a perpetual binding force that intertwine diverse cultures,Religions, Ethnic backgrounds and also breeds peaceful co-existence among interlocutors but is hard to belief that such notion is highly objected by some ethnic background. It startled me, knowing fully well that such barbaric,ancient and archaic practice of presenting various obstacles in preventing inter-marriages are still existing in our modern world. I poised to ask so many question in which most of the answers seems unclear to me,as to why would parent coerxed their beloved children into marrying outside thier choice?why do parent impose wives on thier children?why do parent suddenly forgot that the key to an everlasting relationship is commitment and happiness?why cant the children decide without any sort of sentimental interference by parent


REASONS YOU SHOULD NOT MARRY LATE... We are in a generation of late marriage. More singles are feeling comfortable marrying at 40, 45 and 50 and feel that is the best time for them since they do not want to make a mistake. That is not God's best time for you. God said a man should enjoy the wife of his YOUTH not old age (Proverbs 5:18; Ecclesiastes 9:9; Songs of Solomon 4:15; Malachi 2: 14-15). Though singleness is to be enjoyed to the maximum by pursing your vision and serving God,  you should not over stretch your singleness please.  Don't let the teaching of  "God's time is the best" make you sit down,  relax,  fold your arms when you have serious battle to do! Some ladies gave me the example of Sinach who married at 41 and gave birth at 46. Sinach for a long time allegedly claimed she wanted to remain single and not get married. She chose to stay single for life but changed her mind later.  If it is not your choice to stay single for life,  you don

Characteristics Of Dysfunctional Family Systems.

A dysfunctional family is one that has at its core destructive and harmful parenting and a lack of concern for the child. health care professionals define dysfunctional family as one where the relationships among family members are not conducive to emotional and physical health. Sexual or physical abuse, alcohol and drug addictions, delinquency and behavioral problems, eating disorders, and extreme aggression are some conditions commonly associcharacteristics of dysfunctional family systems of dysfunctional family systems. It can be argued that to some extent, all families are dysfunctional. All families tend to argue, disagree, and run into some degree of conflict from time to time. In fact, the occasional family dispute is not only normal and expected – but healthy. Teenagers are innately rebellious, parents can be overbearing and unsympathetic from time-to-time, and we all, as individuals, comes up with our own issues on occasion. In some cases, however, family dysfuncti


1. Never lie to keep a relationship because when the truth comes out, it will make a fool of you. 2. Never pretend to keep a relationship because when your real character comes out, it will put you to shame. 3. Never use money to keep a relationship because when the money stops coming, it will put pains in your heart. 4. Never use pregnancy to keep a relationship because it will put you in single motherhood. 5. Never use sex to keep a relationship because when he is tired of you, He will call you cheap.  Be wise and be your real self in any relationship you enter, never displease yourself to keep a man. Allow love and likeness to rule/speak  in your relationship. Never rush into any relationship because you will later rush out, BE WISE.


The feeling of loving someone is so sensitive and should be cherished because it can easily swing away.  This is the reason why a friend yesterday can be an enemy tomorrow. Lovers can become sworn enemies. Many are times you must have found yourself feeling loved or loving someone, but with time or an event happened and you discover the love is fast fadingfading.  Human feelings is uncertain and it can change at any moment, reasons why we shouldn't always allow our feelings determine all our actions and decisions.  THE REASONS ARE AS FOLLOWS:  1. INFATUATION  Infatuation is an intense but, short-lived passion or feelings someone or admiration for something.This is a state of being carried away by an unreasoned feelings for another person in which one has developed platonic feelings or strong romantic for. This type of feeling is common with the teenagers and upcoming lovers. It is sometimes sensual and tend to fade away with time. Time is the ultimate distinguishing fact


MARRIAGE IS HARD WORK Many years ago, I used to interpret the saying Marriage is not for small boys to mean small boys in terms of age, until I visited a female mentor that has been in marriage for 47 years. I asked, so what is the secret of your over 47 years in marriage? Beaming, she retorted; My son, The Expectations you bring into marriage will either Spell its Doom or Success. I married my husband without expectations of enjoying his money or buying cars for me, but with time, my patience, hard work and God-fearing attitude yielded results of getting cars, houses, taking care of our children and all that. You see, if a married lady keeps on nagging in the house, she pushes the spirit of her husband from the home. If you make the man unhappy, you make the house uncomfortable. So, I married without High Expectations from my husband but simply to make him Happy always. Yes, for the past 47 years, I would be the first to get up from bed and the last to go back to bed.  I bath the kids


One thing I so much love about our dear sisters is concluding that every man is the same. They couldn't born for their husbands, the man dies & she got married less than 2 years & she luckily got pregnant, gallivanting with all the man's hustle while she couldn't make the deceased a father..  yet she called the dead impotent and say all men are the same... My sister you are wicked. They discovered their man isn't fit to make them a mother they walk away... Yet men with same issue will stick to his wife 5 years without remarrying or given birth outside and almost 10 years he decided to remarry rather than divorce his wife instead of saying thank you for still keeping me as your first wife  they will say all men are the same..  They realizes a man suddenly looses his erectile functions they walk away... Yet same man stood by them all seasons. My sister are all men truly the same? They discovered that their man suddenly run into bankruptcy while they be


I was of the opinion that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman who's mutual agreement were to stay together through thick and thin and fight whatsoever ever obstacles or evil forces that tend to penetrate their sacred bond, but is quite ironical how many spouses abuse this bond under the guise of some African culture and tradition which elevates and allow the male folks to do as they wish thereby treating their spouses as slaves and not companion as the bible made us to understand. I was swept by emotion when having a conversation with a friend,she said and I quote "when I was about to embark on a journey of marriage I build on so many castles in the air,I thought that the love that existed between I and my spouse was unshakable,untouchable and irrevocable but I was wrong,my first year in marriage was splendid and superb but as time goes on I began to experience the bitter side of my union.  my husband belongs to this barbaric school of thought that